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What is a Personal Brand ?

By Ian Lai

Personal Brand represents certain values.

The personal branding concept was first adapted by influential figures from Politics, Show Business, Sports, Religions, and now in the corporate world as well. As some of the most prominent CEOs in the business world have come out to be under the spotlight – to become the faces of their brands, and to convey all the brand values in a more effective way. For example: Steve Jobs = Apple = Innovation.

Graphic by McLac
Graphic by McLac

A Personal Brand represents certain values. It should be consistent and reflect the true identity one person has from inside out.

Similarly to the Corporate Brand, you will have emotional attachments to a Personal Brand. You are certain that you would always be mesmerized by Kenny G’s romantic saxophone melodies when you go to his concerts, rather than being entertained by his sexy Latin dance moves; you are sure that Chef Gordon Ramsey would be the meanest, most aggressive boss in the TV Show Hell’s Kitchen, rather than an angel-like figure that spreads love and joy. A Personal Brand is for you to be who you Are, and stay who you are.

In short, Personal Branding is a process to help you create a unique and outstanding Experience, to serve your target audience better. It’s aligning yourself from inside out and develop a unique identity which people can relate and remember.


Personal Branding is all about being ‘Top-of-Mind’.

That means to be remembered as the leader within a segment. Or in other words – when you think about a profession, you think about an iconic figure; or when you think about a person, you think about what he/she represents. For example: when you think about Motivational Speakers, you cannot help but include Anothony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn amongst them. And when you think about Oprah Winfrey, a few things would pop in your mind like Successful Host, Championing Women’s Rights, Inspiration to name a few.

Being ‘Top-of-Mind’ gives you the edge and the power over your competitors. You would be perceived as the expert or specialist in that certain field.

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