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What if a government runs into these Perils ?

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[quote_center author=””]Wherever these Seven Perils dwell there will be disasters[/quote_center]

Mozi said: “A state may face the onslaught of the Seven Perils. What are these Seven Perils? They are:

  1. The palace and its chambers undergo renovations while the four walls of a fortress and its surrounding defensive trenches can hardly withstand the attack of enemies.

  2. None of your neighbours comes to the rescue while enemies invade your territory.

  3. Valuable human resources are used on useless projects and unworthy people are rewarded.

  4. The offcials are only concerned about protecting their jobs and income; scholars without posts are only concerned about establishing circles of influences. Meanwhile, a ruler amends laws to deter his ministers from voicing their opinions.

  5. The ruler overestimates his own cleverness and fails to question the progress of administrative affairs. He takes no precautions because he assumes everything is in order.

  6. Trusted ministers betray his trust while loyal ministers are cast aside.

  7. Reserves and food crops are insufficient to feed the people, and ministers are incapable of shouldering government responsibilities. Rewards cannot make the people happy and punishments cannot keep them in awe.

If a government runs into these Seven Perils, the state will certainly meet its demise. If a fortress runs into these Seven Perils, the city within the four walls will certainly fall into the hands of the enemy. Wherever these Seven Perils dwell there will be disasters.”

Scroll 34: Mo Zi



子墨子曰:「國有七患。七患者何?城郭溝池不 可守,而治宮室,一患也;邊國至境,四鄰莫救,二 患也;先盡民力無用之功,賞賜無能之人,三患也; 仕者持祿,遊者憂佼佼作反 ,君脩法討臣,臣懾而不敢 咈,四患也;君自以為聖智,而不問事,自以為安強 而無守備,五患也;所信者不忠,所忠者不信,六患 也;蓄種菽粟,不足以食之,大臣不足以事之,賞賜 不能喜,誅罰不能威,七患也。以七患居國,必無社 稷;以七患守城,敵至國傾。七患之所當,國必有 殃。」

(卷三十四 墨子)




Credit for excerpt:

The Governing Principles Of Ancient China 2nd Edition
The Governing Principles Of Ancient China 2nd Edition

Qunshu Zhiyao, The Compilation of Books and Writings on the Important Governing Principles, is a compilation containing advice, methods, and historical notes on the successes and failures of the imperial government of China. This compilation takes us through thousands of years of Chinese political thinking, and offers us some valuable leadership principles which not only helped the great Tang Emperor Taizong to establish the glorious Reign of Zhenguan, but which will also prove valid as points of reference for contemporary leaders. As for the general public, this compilation is a great source of inspiration for self-improvement, family management and human relations.

Qunshu Zhiyao is made up of extracts from various classics, histories, and the works of the saints and sages. It consists of a total of 65 books compiled in 50 scrolls/volumes.  This version of Qunshu Zhiyao 360 groups the contents of  Qunshu into six chapters, namely: The Way of a Leader, The Art of a Minister, Esteeming Virtues, On the Subject of Administration, Respectfully Cautious, and Discerning.

Title: “The Governing Principles of Ancient China”

Based on 360 passages excerpted from the original compilation of Qunshu Zhiyao (Compilation of Books and Writings on theImportant Governing Principles).

First edition, May 2012

Second edition, October 2012

Reprinting is allowed. No part of this book may be altered without written permission from the publisher. For the latest edition, please contact the publisher. Thank you.

Publisher: Chung Hua Cultural Education Centre (M) Bhd (857510K)

1st – 4th Floor, Commercial Block, The Heritage, Jalan SB Dagang,

43300 Seri Kembangan,  Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: +6 (03) 89427792/3/4/5

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We believe that good books should be shared by all. So we don’t claim any copy right to this book. However, the content of this book cannot be altered during the process of printing the books in whole, or parts, for distribution purpose, or any personal use.

This is requested so that misrepresentation and misinterpretation could be avoided.

Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

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