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What if a ruler is obsessed with womanizing ?

King sitting wearing crown

    King Yu of antiquity said: “If a ruler is obsessed with womanizing and hunting, drinking fine wine, singing and dancing, living in lofty mansions with intricate wall paintings and carvings; any one of these will surely bring forth the ruin of his country.” Scroll 2: Shang Shu   訓有之,內作色荒,外作禽荒。甘酒嗜音,峻宇雕 …

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Developing Emotional Stability

[quote_center author=””]Having emotional stability will allow you to be happy most of the time.  You are able to cope with life’s crises and keep a balance between business and family priorities.[/quote_center] It’s the time of year. We’re actively wrapping up 2015 and developing our goals and plans for 2016. Let’s …

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