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What if a government runs into these Perils ?

[quote_center author=””]Wherever these Seven Perils dwell there will be disasters[/quote_center] Mozi said: “A state may face the onslaught of the Seven Perils. What are these Seven Perils? They are: The palace and its chambers undergo renovations while the four walls of a fortress and its surrounding defensive trenches can hardly …

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What if a ruler is obsessed with womanizing ?

King sitting wearing crown

    King Yu of antiquity said: “If a ruler is obsessed with womanizing and hunting, drinking fine wine, singing and dancing, living in lofty mansions with intricate wall paintings and carvings; any one of these will surely bring forth the ruin of his country.” Scroll 2: Shang Shu   訓有之,內作色荒,外作禽荒。甘酒嗜音,峻宇雕 …

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Developing Emotional Stability

[quote_center author=””]Having emotional stability will allow you to be happy most of the time.  You are able to cope with life’s crises and keep a balance between business and family priorities.[/quote_center] It’s the time of year. We’re actively wrapping up 2015 and developing our goals and plans for 2016. Let’s …

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The Way Of A Leader ~ Guard against greed [ii]

1. Character Building  (修身)         a ) Guard against greed (戒貪)  [ii]   In general, anything that develops too fast will fall apart just as quickly, whereas a slow and steady development is more assured of yielding favourable results. Plants that unravel into full bloom in early …

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Investor's diary: Dream & Passion to invest

By Prudence Wong I told myself that I really need to do something different in order to achieve my dreams – to have a comfortable life and at the same time I could have freedom to do something I am really passionate with and most importantly to spend more time …

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Who will take the No's?

 Selling can be a tough business The turnover rate for sales is one of the highest of any profession. That’s because you have to be willing to hear a lot of people tell you “no.”   “No, I’m not interested.” “No, I won’t change.” “No, I don’t have time to …

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The Way Of A Leader ~ Guard against greed [i]

1. Character Building  (修身)         a ) Guard against greed (戒貪) [i]   Almost a thousand years have passed since the heyday of King Cheng and King Kang, and many rulers having tried to attain the same glory. But this golden era of peace and prosperity never …

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