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隐私政策 Privacy Policy



我们很荣幸您来到 《盟特通报》。我们着重您的隐私并遵重您随时停止订阅的权利。 同时,我们也认同并绝对不会向第三方透露您的个人资料。(在需配合执法单位要求或非不得已的系统维修及意料之外情况下除外)

我们感恩您的支持与宝贵的意见,我们诚心为您送上生活乐趣与精彩 。



We highly emphasized your privacy and we respect your rights to unsubscribe as you wish. Meanwhile, we agree not to disclose your personal data to third party. (Except being requested by authorities or in the event of unavoidable system maintenance and unexpected occasions.)

We appreciate your continuous support and valuable comment. We are sincerely to bring you fun, happiness and life enrichment.

Thank You.