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Dato' Roslan Khalid — Passionate & Persevering

The Philosophies

“My parents didn’t have it easy, they were not wealthy, but I think I could see that one of the very important values that I have learned from my parents is “To Never Give Up” and to always pursue my dreams. Observing both my parents and seeing how they went through the ups and downs of life made me into the person that I am today. It also instilled in me that kind of resilience that I needed as a businessman.”  He shares on the values which granted him the success.
“You have to be very resilient as a businessman. It’s not just about being hardworking, you have got to be resilient, you have got to be very focused, and you must be committed. My first salary was just RM600 enough to pay from room and board. I had to build myself up step by step, whilst taking a lot of risk before I am able to achieve what I have today which is the setting up of a Family owned Resort Development Company ” Dato Roslan adds.
“The total sales value of his current project,  the Ramada Resort Lumut is about half of billion Ringgit.”  he shares his experiences and views which for him was far cry from the days when he earned just RM600 in salary.
Being a successful entrepreneur, he says, “Work is not hard if you enjoy what you are doing! At the end of the day, everybody should find his or her passion. If you find your passion, then there is no such thing as work, there is no such thing as a career, and there is no such thing as job. You are just doing what you enjoy.  Those that get their chance to pursue their passion, that’s a wonderful gift,”
These words are certainly an inspiring booster for those who are working on to achieve their dreams!



Ramada Resort, Lumut, Malaysia
Ramada Resort, Lumut, Malaysia




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