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Dato' Roslan Khalid — Passionate & Persevering

The Influences

With all the experiences in life, many years later he realized that his “Never Die” attitude was influenced by his mother, who is now 84. “As far as she was concerned it’s a waste of time to give in to negative thinking. No need to mope about it”, she would say to him.
“I guess I don’t have a career. I don’t have a job. I just do something that I like to do which is property development,” he says with a smile.
After finishing his university education Roslan continued to work at Seniwisma.  One day when a client approached the company to design a theme park, understandably the company handed over the job to Roslan who went on at his usual energetic pace, completing a report with an 8ft x 8ft model  and a multi slide presentation with voice over within two weeks.
This impressed the client so much that he promptly offered him a job in his property development company.
Undertaking two successful launches, the company was suddenly struck by the financial crisis in the 80’s (year 1986 / 1987). Seeing that he may loose his job one day due to the financial crisis and with very few openings for architects , Roslan decided to pursue a part time MBA program.

The Ventures begins and continues

This was a very challenging time for him but as a well known proverb in Chinese  says, that for every crisis an opportunity offers itself. It was during this time that an opportunity to set up an architectural consultancy with two other architects came along and he promptly took up the challenge. In the beginning Roslan had to take a 100% pay cut. However luck was with him and the firm grew from zero to about 40 over staff in a couple of years as the property market recovered. This was how Dato’ Roslan started his first business ventures.
Driven by a passion in what he does, Dato Roslan is driven to develop iconic projects that are crafted meticulously.
“As a developer and an architect, I often find that I am driven to envision projects that are both iconic and unique.” He says as he shares the vision of   his latest project, Ramada Resort Lumut a 5 Star 544 key Iconic Destination resort.
Iconic nest of the “Burung Tempua” at Ramada Resort, Lumut
Iconic nest of the “Burung Tempua” at Ramada Resort, Lumut
“I recalled a time when growing up in Penang,  I was able to enjoy a lot of fun times in an outdoor environment many children today do not get an opportunity to experience. ”  Dato Roslan revealed that the experiences that have molded his youth went into his latest project, which is the Ramada Resort Lumut, Malaysia
He recalled when he would go hiking up Penang Hill with friends, or camp out at the beach in Teluk Bahang, Penang. He explained that he saw in this project an opportunity for children to experience a more adventurous holiday and where families build lasting memories.
Being a filial Son, a loving husband and a benevolent father of two, he emphasizes that through creating memories together, families become stronger.  Children will always remember the times that their parents spent with them.  That’s basically what he did for both of his sons. “They grew up remembering the many holidays spent together with their parents” he shares.
The launch date of the Ramada Resort Lumut will be by January 2016 when a signing ceremony will be held with the Wyndham Group the world’s largest Hotel group with completion targeted by end 2018,” Dato’ Roslan continues.

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