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Dato' Roslan Khalid — Passionate & Persevering

The Nurturing

Born in Penang to the son for a Headmaster, the family often had to relocate after a year or two and as a result “In one year, I might be attending two schools.  Thus, before I settle in and make friends, I would have to move off to another school. As a result of this constant relocation, I learnt to be self-reliant,” says Dato’ Roslan, who is now a loving father of two sons.
Photo by Heliona
Photo by Heliona
The younger Roslan often spent days filled with reading sci-fi novels and listening to music often finishing up to two novels a day.  “The reason why I find about sci-fi novels is interesting because it often dwells on the development of societies as a result of different and often alien environments.  Here writers often explore and expound on the evolution of society and mankind as a result of progress”.  It was this hobby helped me to look at things from a very holistic viewpoint.” He recalls.  From lower secondary onward whilst growing up in Penang, Roslan reminisced how lucky he was to be able hike up Penang Hill enjoying the camaraderie of his friends or sometimes camping out at the beach at a time when the sea was still crystal clear.
During his upper secondary education, one of Roslan’s teachers was a Peace Corp volunteer, Eric Whitzler who was trained as an architect. Through him, Dato’ Roslan was introduced into to the world of Architecture.  “As a result, the first ever career that I thought of pursuing, was in architecture. And that ambition never changed. Except that now, my knowledge of architecture is put to good use in my property development company, which to me is a more comprehensive approach to the built environment,” he says happily.

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