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Dato' Roslan Khalid — Passionate & Persevering

” Those that get their chance to pursue their passion,

that’s a wonderful gift. “

Dato’ Roslan Khalid


Dato Roslan Khalid
Dato’ Roslan Khalid, Managing Director of KB Group.
Graduating in 1981 at 24 years old as the top student of the class of 1978 and a PAM Gold Medalist at the School of Architecture in UiTM, Roslan was head hunted for a position as an Assistant Architect at a well-known architectural firm. After a few years practicing in this architectural firm, he was offered a position as a Senior Manager with a Chinese Developer from 1983-1987, in charge of property development projects.
However, years later he faced an uncertain future when the local property market collapsed and he took the daring step at the age of 31, to set up an architectural practice, a bold move which was to mark the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur.
Dato’ Roslan Khalid shares with KC Tai his extraordinary journey as an architect and developer during a casual chat over a cup of his favorite coffee.  Listening to Roslan as he frankly shares his journey  reveals a very humble and inspiring successful entrepreneur.



Preferring  quiet evenings chilling out with friends over dinner to parties and socializing at events, he enjoys fine dining. Professing a love for Japanese, Italian and Chinese and Thai seafood cuisine, Roslan likes to check out the many well known restaurants that can be found in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What immediately becomes apparent for those that meet him will be his friendliness, regardless of their position or background.
“I try to make it to the gym about 4 times a week. I have two trainers’; one trainer at home who comes twice a week while the other trainer coaches me at the gym. I find weight training helps me to keep fit. I believe very much in living a healthy lifestyle,” he says energetically.  Dato’ Roslan fills up his days with exercise, ensuring adequate supplements at the same time managing his diet.  Many friends remark that he doesn’t look his age and despite having just celebrated his 61-Year birthday recently, he exudes the energy of a much younger person.  In fact Roslan admits that he does not like to dwell in the past preferring to manage his business and charting it’s future.

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