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关于《盟特通报》About mondejournal.com

《盟特通报》 乐活资讯分享网,提倡正能量,流通报导社会百态与民生诉求 。广泛分享起居饮食、健康财富的点点滴滴之外,亦为您的生活增添乐趣与促进心灵净化。  如果内容不当或侵权,请联络通知,我们将尽快回复或删除。


mondejournal.com shares with you the occurrences, experiences and observations of people & society.   Apart of the information on Food & Beverages, health & wealth,  it also beings you happiness and the moment of peace in mind.  Please contact us should the content is inappropriate or infringing copyrights.  We will response or delete it soonest possible.